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Pomeroy D261-GT10 Core Drill 

Fire, Search & Rescue
and other Specialized Operations

Search and rescue teams across the U.S. are using the D261-GT10 not only to gain visual access through concrete walls, but to assist in knocking out a crawl-through hole. Several units were used in Oklahoma to create fastening points for cranes cables. Since the unit is built on the popular Stihl chain saw motor, parts and service for the engine are readily available in every major city. All parts of this machine are manufactured in the USA.


Antarctic Glacier Face

This researcher uses the D026-GT10 because of its light weight and compact size to acquire core samples of ice in the Antarctic. No other machine built today would make this possible. The drill bit is custom made for ice.

Oklahoma Disaster Assistance

This man from "California Task Force 3" uses the D026-GT10 because it is not only light and small, but it will not kick-back. And that is a major advantage in terms of safe operation. No other machine built today has this feature.

Other Portable Rock Core Drills


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