Wet Test Sieving Kit

There are some materials which, when tested dry, produce less than accurate particle analysis results.  If the material is not soluble in water and reproducible results are difficult to obtain, then wet testing may be the method required to produce accurate data.

This kit offers an alternative to hand wet wash sieving using a single tall-frame wet wash sieve.  It  has been specifically designed for use with the W. S. Tyler Ro-Tap sieve shaker and a stack of standard full-height testing sieves.

The Wet Test Kit allows the user to take advantage of the benefits and accuracy of mechanical sieving when a stack of sieves is to be used. Included in the kit package is all the necessary equipment to convert a standard Ro-Tap into a wet testing station (the kit does not include a shaker).

Kit includes the cover, pan hoses & clamps. For use with the RX-29 & RX-94 Ro-Tap Shakers only. Kit weight 27 lbs.


WS-LA1112    Wet Test Sieving Kit for RX-29
27 lbs

WS-LA11194   Wet Test Sieving Kit for RX-94
27 lbs

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