Ro-Tap® Sieve Shaker Maintenance Kits

To ensure lasting dependable service, Ro-Tap Sieve Shakers myst occasionally be upgraded with parts that are long-wearing, durable and cost effective. Maintenance kits are available for the replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear. W.S. Tyler recommends the use of these kits as a means to minimize down-time due to minor repairs. The purchase of a minor repair kit is also recommended with each new Ro-Tap Sieve shaker.

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Parts Number Fits this unit: Includes
WS-10121 RX-29, RX-30, RX-94
Minor Maintenance Kit
2 Eccentric Discs (WS-R-10034)
1 Flange Bushing (WS-R-10061)
1 Bearing (WS-R-10062)
1 Cork (WS-R-10066A)
2 Flange Bearings (R-10063)
WS-10122 RX-29
Major Maintenance Kit
1 Minor Maintenance Kit (WS-10121)
1 Timing Belt (W-R-10058)
1 Upper Carrying Plate (WS-R-30008)
1 Cam Gear (WS-R-20039)
1 Timing Belt Pulley (WS-R-30015)
WS-10123 RX-94
Major Maintenance Kit
Major Maintenance Kit (WS-10122)
except Upper Carrying Plate


WS-10121    Minor Maintenance Kit for RX-29, 30 & 94

WS-10122   Major Maintenance Kit for RX-29

WS-10123    Major Maintenance Kit for RX-94


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