Grad-13 Digital Three-Axis Gradiometer


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The Grad-13 is a versatile three axis magnetic field gradiometer for high resolution vector measurements on land or in water (submersible to 200m). It consists of two three-axis magnetic field sensors on a baseline of 500mm, 750mm or 1000mm, with a measuring range of ±70µT or ±100µT.

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The sensors are accurately calibrated to reduce errors in order to provide accurate vector and total field data. The RS485 interface and available API allow user to easily integrate the sensors to their own survey platform. Additionally, power supply and multiplexing units are available for use with one, two four or eight gradiometers.

Output available from each Grad-13 include corrected three-axis data from the sensing magnetometer and three-axis gradient data as well as temperature and three-axis accelerometer data from the integrated sensor. Total field information can then be derived from the three-axis data.

For borehole applications, the Grad-13S combined with the Single Battery Box provide a complete solution, including graphical display software, for detection of UXO or for Geotechnical surveys. For surface Archaeological surveys, Grad-13 sensors can be mounted onto the Non-Magnetic Cart and connected to the 4-way or 8-way multiplexing box providing power and output the signals to one Ethernet connection. Acquisition software for GPS-based system is now available from Geomar Software. The acquired data is compatible with the visualisation software Terrasurveyor, both packages are available through Bartington Instruments.

Typical applications:

  • Archaeological Geophysics
  • Forensics
  • UXO detection
  • Pipe and cable location


  • Fully corrected three-axis magnetometer and gradiometer data
  • RS485 interface with suitable API available
  • 200Hz bandwidth
  • Land (rated IP67) and shallow submersible (to 200m) versions available

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