Grad601 Single & Dual Sensor Magnetic Gradiometers

Grad601 Single & Dual Sensor Magnetic Gradiometers

For Shallow Geophysics and Archaeological Prospecting

Grad601 Datasheet

Grad601-2 Dual Gradiometer in use

Grad601 Single & Dual Sensor Magnetic Gradiometers

The Grad601 is a vertical component fluxgate gradiometer with data logger and either one or two cylindrical sensor assemblies for use in geophysics and archaeology. Each sensor assembly contains two fluxgate magnetometers with a one meter vertical separation together with electronics and non-volatile memory for calibration data. The system provides an enhanced depth response, exceptional stability and electronic adjustment.

The Grad601-1 single sensor version is ideal for both archaeological prospecting and the location of pipes, cables, drums and archaeological features.

The Grad601-2 two-sensor version is designed for archaeological prospecting and allows geophysical surveys to be completed in about half the time. The large non-volatile flash memory and fast downloading of data offer improved survey efficiency.

These gradiometers have a linear range of 100nT with a resolution of 0.1nT and a range of 1000nT with a resolution of 1nT. A compressed response is provided to 30,000nT.

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Grad601-1 Single Gradiometer in use

Luther College Mound Survey with Grad 601-2

The exceptional temperature stability of the sensors ensures minimal drift during surveys and reduces the need for adjustment. All adjustments are accomplished automatically using a single pushbutton and audible cueing.

The Grad601-1 and Grad601-2 gradiometers are supplied complete with cables and accessories in a rugged carrying case. The Grad601-2 dual gradiometer includes an adjustable harness which completely relieves the operator’s arms whilst carrying the instrument.


  • 1m vertical spacing for deep anomalies
  • 1 or 2 sensor operation
  • High stability and simple electronic adjustment
  • Selectable 0.1nT or 1nT resolution
  • Non-volatile flash memory for 125k readings
  • 1, 2 or 4 lines/m for single or dual version
  • 1 to 8 readings/m on each line with automatic averaging or single shot
  • Low power – 24 hour operation from one charge
  • Survey and Scan modes with audio output
  • Battery unit has built-in charger and field replaceable battery
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • Variable survey pace
  • Variable scan threshold
  • Simple download operation – 6.5 mins max
  • Selectable output format
  • Simple 6-key operation
  • 50/60Hz powerline rejection

The gradiometer operates either in survey mode, where data is logged whilst covering the site in parallel or zigzag paths, or in a scanning mode where it is used as a search tool with an audible output without data logging. The scanning mode is used to locate archaeological features, pipes, cables, waste drums and unexploded ordnance.