Bartington MS2D Field Search Loop

Bartington MS2D Field Search Loop

MS2/MS3 Brochure

This loop is designed for rapid assessment of the concentration of ferrimagnetic minerals in the top 100 mm (approximately) of the land surface. It is used in studies of slope processes and is a powerful tool in archaeological prospecting, as human habitation leads to an irreversible magnetic enhancement of the soil, mainly as a result of burning.

The MS2D loop can only be operated in conjunction with the MS2 probe handle, which contains additional essential electronics.

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Depth of response 50% at 15mm, 10% at 60mm
Measurement period (MS2)*:
x 1 range
x 0.1 range

0.6s SI (0.5s CGS)
6s SI (5s CGS)

Operating frequency 950 ± 60Hz
Drift at room temperature


<10 x 10-5 SI (vol) (<10 x 10-6 CGS) in 20 minutes (after 20 minutes’ warm up)
Dimensions (ø x H):

208mm x 104mm
185mm mean diameter

Weight 0.5kg
Enclosure material Reinforced epoxy

* MS3 measurement period is software selectable

MS2 Meter + MS2D Sensor w/ Probe Handle

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