Bartington MS2H Down Hole Probe

Bartington MS2H Down Hole Probe

MS2/MS3 Brochure

The MS2H is a downhole sensor for profiling the magnetic susceptibility of strata in 25mm nominal diameter auger holes. The detachable probe is fitted to the lower end of a push-tube to give an assembled length of 1 meter. Waterproof screw couplings allow further 1-metre extension tubes to be added to achieve any practical length. The probe assembly is hand guided within the hole during logging. Graduations ensure depth control to a resolution of 1cm. The probe connects to the meter via a 5mm diameter cable, which may be extended to any practical length up to 100m.

The area of sensitivity for magnetic investigation radiates uniformly from the end of the probe, resulting in tolerance to inhomogeneity’s. Strata as narrow as 12.5mm in thickness can be discriminated. Measurements to a resolution of 1 x 10-5 SI (volume) are obtained in less than 1 second. A low operating frequency of 1.3kHz ensures immunity to electrical conductivity effects.

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Applications include cultural stratigraphy in archaeology, geomorphology, landslide characterization, paleosol identification, pedology, erosion studies and stratigraphic correlation.


Calibration accuracy 1% (calibration sample provided)
Spatial resolution (vertical) 12.5mm (full-width, half-maximum)
Depth of horizontal penetration 50%/2mm, 10%/5.5mm, 1%/13mm
Operating frequency 1.3kHz
Calibration accuracy 5% in ø22mm sample
Measurement period (MS2)*:
x 1 range
x 0.1 range

0.9s SI (0.7s CGS)
9s SI (7s CGS)

Thermal drift (typical) 2 x 10-5 SI/ºC (below 20ºC)
-1 x 10-5 SI/ºC (above 20ºC)
Thermal setting time (typical) 30s/ºC (step change)
Markings for plane of sensitivity Lowest graduation
Dimensions (Ø x L) 21.5 x 153mm
Weight 0.13kg

* MS3 measurement period is software selectable

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