Bartington MS2K Surface Sensor

Bartington MS2K Surface Sensor

MS2/MS3 Brochure

This sensor is designed to provide highly repeatable measurements of the volume magnetic susceptibility of moderately smooth surfaces.  Applications include description of magnetic stratigraphy and identifications of horizons.  It can also be used for characterization of outcrops and logging split cores, with the exception of metal-clad cores.

The sensor has applications in materials testing where the relatively low operating frequency permits measurement on some of the less electrically conductive metal alloys, for example stainless steel, without magnetization.

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Calibration accuracy 1% (calibration sample provided)
Area of response 25.4mm diameter (full-width, half-maximum)
Depth of response 50% at 3mm, 10% at 8mm
Measurement period (MS2)*:

x 1 range
x 0.1 range


1.2s SI (1s CGS)
12s SI (10s CGS)

Operating frequency 0.93kHz
Drift at room temperature <2 X 10-5 SI (vol) (<2 x 10-6 CGS) in 5 minutes (after 5 minutes’ warm-up)
Environmental May be used under wet conditions: not suitable for immersion
Dimensions (W x H x D) 50 x 170 x 165mm
Weight 0.32kg (1.20kg with carrying case)

* MS3 measurement period is software selectable

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