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Covington's Slab Saws are heavy duty floor models designed to cut glass and stones. This is an immersion style saw meaning the cutting fluid sits inside the tank and the spinning blade will bring the cutting fluid up and around to the piece. Covington powder coats the saw tank, hood and chassis for durability and longevity. An x-pattern strengthening rib ensures that the tank unit is square and the hood sits properly. The hood fits neatly inside the tank eliminating leaks. The hood can be propped open with a sturdy, steel prop arm for easy loading and unloading of pieces.

These ruggedly built slab saws are made with enclosed heavy welded steel chassis and inspection window. Separate welded inner frame eliminates warp. One-piece vise carriage, mounted on solid key stock and channel iron guide, provides the rigidity necessary for fast cuts with heavy loads. Vise carriage moves silently on l-1/2" steel V-Way Guide. A quick return, split pliers, allows the carriage to be manually returned to any position. Power feed has six speeds. The over-running clutch automatically adjusts to the hardness of the rock and the changing length of the cut as the blade progresses through the rock. The cross feed will permit 8" of material to be slabbed without re-clamping. One turn of the spin knob moves the vise crosswise 1/16"; and can produce 20 to 22 uniform slabs. The precision 1" arbor ball bearings are heavy duty, double neoprene sealed, and greased for life. Accessories include motor mount, arbor nut wrench, safety hood support, slab catcher and adjustable floor leveler. It also comes with operating instructions, and Guarantee.

The saw is the “Immersion Type” wherein the diamond blade runs in a reservoir of cooling fluid. Allow the coolant mix to stand up 1/4" to 3/8" on the bottom of the blade when standing still. The shield in back of the blade prevents coolant from being thrown all over.  The saw is equipped with a variable speed power feed capable of delivering the proper feed speed for the rock hardness encountered. The feed is also equipped with an overrunning clutch (34-40) designed to stop the carriage travel any time the rock is being fed to the blade at a rate too fast for efficient cutting action.


  • Platinum series blade
  • Powder coated, heavy welded, steel chassis
  • Separately welded frame eliminates warping
  • Six-speed power feed with automatic shut-off
  • Quick return system allows carriage to be manually returned to any position
  • Over-running clutch automatically adjusts from soft to hard rock
  • Cross feed permits 8” of material to be slabbed without re-clamping
  • One piece arbor and flange mounted in housing
  • Heavy-duty ball bearings, neoprene sealed, and greased for life
  • 1/2 HP motor on 18" saw
  • 1 HP motor on 20" & 24" saw
  • Completely assembled with vise, motor, and Covington’s Best Diamond Blade
  • 18" Blade - 9" Vise - 5.5” Depth of Cut
  • 20" Blade - 10" Vise - 6.5” Depth of Cut
  • 24" Blade - 12" Vise - 8-9” Depth of Cut
  • One-piece vise carriage mounted on a solid key stock with channel guide provides rigidity and strength for fast cuts with heavy loads
  • Available in both 110V/ 60Hz and 220V/ 50Hz
  • Made in the USA

Part Number

Blade Diameter

Vise Size

Depth of Cut





CV- 707HDS




CV- 712HDS




CV- 717HDS




220V, 50Hz Motor available for an additional $190.00