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KT-20 Datasheet

The KT-20 is a handheld instrument capable of measuring the magnetic susceptibility, conductivity or density of a sample. Its modular design provides users the ability to employ different sensors that are of an optimal frequency for either magnetic susceptibility or conductivity. The sensors are available in circular and rectangular designs and can easily be interchanged, allowing the KT-20 to measure smaller or larger sized samples or cores. Density measurements can also be obtained from the KT-20 providing more information about the sample. A picture, audio note, text note and GPS coordinates can also be added to the measurement to increase the amount of information one can attach to each record to improving archiving.


Three available models: a dedicated magnetic susceptibility meter, dedicated conductivity meter, or a combined magnetic susceptibility/conductivity meter.

  • Interchangeable dual- and single-frequency sensors in circular and rectangular designs.
  • High Sensitivity for magnetic susceptibility (1 x 10-7 SI) and conductivity (0.1 S/m).
  • Density measurements using the KT-20 with the accessories provided with the system.
  • Data profiles displayed in real-time while scanning.

Built-in high resolution camera to capture pictures of samples.

  • Maximum Sensitivity:  10 -7 (using 10khz single-freq. sensor without pin)
  • Maximum Range:  2 SI units
  • Includes choice of any one KT-20 sensor
  • Optional “Plus” upgrade for iron ore – increases range to 10 Si units;  iron ore concentration estimates (%) directly from display bases on calibration curve for magnetite
  • Maximum Sensitivity:  0.1 S/m (using 100 kHz dual-freq. sensor without pin)
  • Measurement Range:  0.1 to 15,000 S/m (using 100kHz dual-freq. sensor
  • Measurement Range:  1.0 to 100,000 S/m (using 10kAz freq. sensor)
  • Includes choice of one 1/10 kHz or 10/100 kHz dual-freq. sensor (in circular or rectangular design)
  • Optional “Cx” upgrade to increase measurement range to 200,000 S/m (available only with 1 kHz and 10 kHz freq.
  • Same Sensitivity and Range values as above for dedicated meter