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The Freiberger compass is an all-metal, German-made geological compass, based on the design by Dr. Clar, University of Vienna, for measuring azimuths and dip angles. The casing of the compass has a modern appearance and thanks to its design and size it is comfortable and easy to handle. It can be used for general geological studies and to measure the orientation of specific geological structures and natural mineral deposits.
It has a pendulum clinometer. The declination can easily and quickly be set by the user and a small, movable, copper weight is fitted to the magnetic needle to compensate for inclination.
The instrument can be correctly leveled using the circular and the tubular bubble level. The compass lid is used to measure dip direction and it also protects the cover glass when the compass is not used.
  • Hinged cover has a graduated vertical operation.
  • Dip angle graduation is 5 degrees over a range of 225 degrees, with reliable estimation to 1 degree.
  • Compass graduations are 2 degrees with reliable estimation to 0.5 degrees.
  • Compass needle is unlocked with a push button.
  • Includes a durable leather case.
  • Freiberger compass dimensions (closed) are 93 x 76 x 22 mm and weight is 320 g.


Azimuth Ring
counterclockwise, numbered every 10°
Diameter 45mm
Scale Graduations
Estimate 0.5°
Dip Clinometer Diameter 22mm
Scale value
Leading Edge Measuring range ± 90°
Scale value
Estimate 0.5°
Settling time of the magnetic needle <50s
Directional accuracy ± 0.5°
Declination setting any
Tilting range of the measuring plate 225°
Instrument Dimensions 93 x 76 x 22 mm
Weight 0.28 kg
Bag Dimensions 104 x 91 x 45 mm