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The Ro-Tap E Pure:  The newly designed test sieve shaker stands out with its simple and quick operation. Two specific regulated amplitudes for coarse or fine material can be selected by the user. Sieving begins immediately once the timer is set and an amplitude has been selected. The Ro-Tap E is recommended as a basic machine for standard sieve analysis.

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The Ro-Tap E Premium: The Ro-Tap E Premium unit is one of two new W.S. Tyler Sieve Shaker offerings. This machine is our most quiet design ever with the improved dampening system. The control panel allows users to self select the amplitude and interval of the sieving motions.

The extra large display offers operators an excellent overview of the settings and is user-friendly. The new Ro-Tap E Premium unit is ideally suited for users who demand precision and reproducible sieve analysis.

The Ro-Tap E Premium Remote: The Ro-Tap E Premium Remote offers a separate control unit for wet sieve analysis. The design and function of the lid has been specifically developed for tests where water needs to be used to assist in the particle separation. The wide-spreading spray diffuser is integrated into the cover, offering improved handling. The cover includes an inspection glass which allows observation during the sieving process.

Model Name Amplitude Diameter Sieves Wet Testing Part Number
E Pure Fine & Course 8” or 200mm No WS-RX-29-E
E Premium Adjustable up to 3mm 8” or 200mm No WS-RX-29-E Premium
E Premium Remote Adjustable up to 3mm 8” or 200mm Yes WS-550100
EML 315 Adjustable up to 3mm 12” or 300mm Yes WS-550073


What is the key feature of the RO-TAP E sieve shakers?

The RO-TAP E shakers provide a two-dimensional motion - a horizontal circular motion combined with a vertical tapping motion. This allows particles to stratify and pass through the appropriate sieve openings for accurate particle size analysis.

What sieve sizes can the RO-TAP E 8-inch model accommodate?

The 8-inch RO-TAP E model can hold up to 6 full height (2 inch deep) 8-inch diameter sieves or 13 half height (1 inch deep) 8-inch sieves.

What sieve sizes can the RO-TAP E 12-inch model accommodate?

The 12-inch RO-TAP E model can accommodate up to 6 full height (2 inch deep) 12-inch diameter sieves or 13 half height (1 inch deep) 12-inch sieves.

What particle size range can the 8-inch RO-TAP E test?

The 8-inch RO-TAP E can test particles from 2 inches down to 635 mesh (20 microns).

What particle size range can the 12-inch RO-TAP E test?

The 12-inch RO-TAP E can test particles from 4 inches down to 500 mesh (25 microns).

What are the oscillation and tapping rates?

The RO-TAP E models operate at 278 ± 10 oscillations per minute and provide 150 ± 10 taps per minute.

Do the RO-TAP E models have timers?

Yes, the RO-TAP E shakers come with built-in digital timers with a 99 minute maximum setting.

What are the power requirements?

A8: The standard RO-TAP E models require 115V/60Hz power supply. 230V/50Hz models are also available.

What motor is used in the RO-TAP E?

The RO-TAP E shakers use a powerful 1/4 HP motor.

What standards do the RO-TAP E models conform to?

The RO-TAP E sieve shakers conform to ASTM C136, C702, D6913 and other international sieve analysis standards.