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Covington's 1100 Series saws are designed with versatility in mind. Each saw is able to convert between a trim saw and a slab saw with a table that drops into the vise and fits securely. A blade guard with a curtain ensures that you can trim with the hood open and not splash oil all over. An inspection window is added to the top of the hood so you can check progress on your slabs while your piece is being cut. The compact dimensions allow for table top use and mobility. An optional leg stand is available for customers who desire a floor model. A 1/2hp motor is ample for both trimming and slabbing on this Combination Style Saw.

This unit features the “immersion” method wherein the diamond blade runs in a reservoir of cooling fluid. Fill the reservoir until koolerant mix stands ¼” to ⅜” on the bottom of the blade when standing still. Blade guard and front shield control excess spray. An optional clear plastic hood is available to cover the entire trim saw table.

One-piece vise carriage, mounted on ¾” steel rod and L way guide, provides the rigidity necessary for fast cuts with heavy loads. Vise carriage moves silently on way guide. A quick return split clip allows the carriage to be manually returned to any position. Weight feed action for slabbing utilizes a scale, cord, and weights fastened to vise. Deluxe power feed models with overrunning clutch and cut-off switch are available. The cross feed permits 4” of material to be slabbed without reclamping. One turn of the spin knob moves the vise crosswise 1/16” and can produce 10-12 uniform slabs. The precision 5/8” arbor ball bearings are heavy duty, double neoprene sealed, and greased for life. Accessories include operating instructions, motor mount, drop-in trim table, plastic window, slab-catcher, weight feed scale, and cord.

Covington's Combination Trim & Slab Saws are similar in design with different blade and pulley sizes. Sawing operations remain the same. These ruggedly built, fully enclosed units are constructed of heavy gauge welded steel. Separately welded inner frame eliminates warp. All models now come equipped with Covington's Signature "A" Series Blade comparable to or better than MK Diamond's 303.


  • Designed for Trimming and Slabbing
  • 12" Blade - 5" Vise - 4.75” Depth of Cut
  • 14" Blade - 6" Vise - 5.5” Depth of Cut
  • 16" Blade - 7" Vise - 6.125” Depth of Cut
  • 12", 14", or 16" diameter Covington Signature "A" Series Blade
  • 4" Cross feed adjusts 1/16" per turn for uniform slabbing
  • Rigid Grip Vise: Steel jaw tongue contacts full length of vise, holding jaw square to avoid binding
  • Light enough to be moved easily, Heavy-duty enough (16g steel) for every day use
  • Powder coated tank for long life
  • 1/2hp Motor
  • 220V, 50Hz model available
  • NEVER run diamond saw blade dry
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Instructions Included


What are the key features of the Covington Engineering Combination Trim & Slab Saws?

These saws convert between trim and slab saws, featuring blade sizes from 12" to 16", a rigid grip vise, and are constructed with heavy gauge welded steel, suitable for both trimming and slabbing.

How do the different models of the Covington Combination Saws vary?

Models vary by blade size—12", 14", or 16"—with corresponding vises and depth of cuts, accommodating different sizes of materials for precise cuts.

What safety features are included in the Covington Combination Trim & Slab Saws?

The saws include a blade guard, a front shield, and an optional clear plastic hood to contain spray and provide visibility while cutting.

Can the Covington Combination Saws be used for both trimming and slabbing?

Yes, these saws are versatile with a drop-in table that adjusts for both trimming and slabbing, providing flexibility in handling various types of cutting tasks.

How should the Covington Combination Saws be maintained?

Maintenance includes filling the reservoir with coolant to the recommended level, regular cleaning, and ensuring the blade and motor are in good condition.

What warranty comes with the Covington Combination Trim & Slab Saws?

There is a 1-year manufacturer's warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.