RT-1 Handheld Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

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The RT-1 is a high sensitivity, portable, hand-held magnetic susceptibility meter with digital and analogue display. It can store over 9800 readings, and display immediate and stored readings as SI or CGS. It is microprocessor (flash ROM) controlled, allowing flexibility in display, auto-ranging, and auto-calibration in free air.

The RT-1 has a bluetooth interface to transfer stored readings to a computer. The data outputs as an ASCII file and includes the magnetic susceptibility reading and any event flags.

The RT-1 includes a built-in magnetic susceptibility test pad. This enables you to check calibration easily, anywhere and at any time.

See the BROCHURE for a full list of features and specifications.

  • Sensitivity down to 1×10-5
  • Backlit LCD display for analogue and digital readings
  • Memory capacity >9800 readings and flags
  • Up to 50 hours of continuous use on one battery charge


  • Geological mapping in mineral & petroleum exploration industries
  • Core logging via application of volumetric correction factor for drill-core
  • Follow-up magnetic surveys
  • Laboratory measurements


  • RT-1 Console with wrist strap
  • Three alkaline AA batteries
  • Operations Manual & Quick Start Guide
  • 1GB USB with PDF manuals
  • Bluetooth and software
  • Mini-Phillips screwdriver
  • Calibration certificate
  • Magnetic susceptibility test pad
  • Sturdy case with foam insert


Sensitivity 1×10-5
Operating range 1×10-5 to 1 SI
Units SI or GCS
Operating frequency 750Hz
Response time <1 second
Operating mode Single or continuous readings
Memory >9800 readings and flags
Audio output Audio output on key touch. Selectable continuous audio indication or relative reading values.


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