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ASC Model IM-10-30

Based on the design of Kirschvink (1982), this instrument generates short duration magnetic fields within the sample coil, enabling a variety of high-field magnetic studies to be conducted on geologic samples without the need for a large electromagnet.

The IM-10-30 is ideally suited for IRM and anisotropy of IRM acquisition studies. It has interchangeable coils and is capable of generating fields in excess of 28 KGauss for full size paleomagnetic specimens and 50 KGauss for smaller samples. Four different plug in coils are available with the capability of accurately generating fields ranging from 30 Gauss to 50 KGauss. Each coil comes with sample holders for accurately positioning and aligning the sample during field exposure. The basic price of the unit includes your choice of two of the four available coils.

The following table provides details of the field ranges, sample cavity sizes, and sample holders which are available for each of the coils.   The "Cylindrical Volume for Specific Field Application" column describes the maximum volume for which the sample will receive a uniform field application to within 3%.  The "Cylindrical Volume for Non-Uniform Field Application" column describes the maximum volume for which the entire sample will receive a non-uniform field which simply exceeds the desired value. In these cases, the unit should be triggered at a field value which is 1.15 times the desired field value.

Coil Field Range Sample Cavity Diameter Cylindrical Volume for Specific Field Application Cylindrical Volume for Non-Uniform Field Application Included Sample Holder
#1 30 – 600  gauss 2.00” 1.95 Dia x 1” L 1.95 Dia x 1.5” L 1” cubes/cores
#2 0.3 – 11 kgauss 2.00” 1.95 Dia  x 1” L 1.95 Dia x 1.5” L 1” cubes/cores
#3 1.5 – 27 kgauss 1.25” 1.20 Dia x 1” L 1.20 Dia x 1.25” L 1” cores, 7cc sample boxes*
#4 3 – 50 kgauss 0.50” 0.50 Dia x ¾” L 0.50 Dia x 1.25” L 7/16” x ¾” vials/cores

*Alternate sample holder provided
The magnetic field is produced by discharge of energy from a capacitor bank through a coil surrounding the sample cavity. The capacitor bank is first charged to the desired voltage (corresponding to the desired field). It is then discharged through the coil very quickly using a high capacity SCR as a switch. Because very high current levels are involved, the coil and all circuitry are totally contained in a single case.

ASC can provide sample holders for specimen sizes not listed. For pricing on custom sample holders, send a sample specimen or drawing to our Rhode Island office. Vials and diamond core drills for preparing samples for the #4 coil are also available.

Model IM-10 Impulse Magnetizer can be upgraded to the IM-10-30 model. The cost of the upgrade, including 2 coils, varies depending on the age of your unit.

ASC Model IM-10

A lower cost Model IM-10 is available with a single, fixed coil that can accurately generate magnetic fields from 0.3 to 11 Kgauss.  This is equivalent to coil #2 on the IM-10-30. It is designed to hold 1″ cubic samples as well as 1″ diameter cores in various orientations. The sample cavity is large enough to accommodate cubic samples up to 1.40″ and cylindrical samples up to 1.95″ (aligned along the coil axis). The electronics and sample coil are housed in a single high impact ABS plastic case.