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For use with Bartington MS2C Magnetic Susceptibility Sensor

Manufactured in the USA by ASC Scientific

The ASC manual core track provides a convenient means to convey geological core sections through the Bartington MS2C susceptibility core logging sensor. The standard core track can accommodate core sections up to 12 cm. in diameter and 1.5 meters in length. Any of the sixteen sizes of MS2C sensor can be installed in the sensor mount. Centering of the sensor about the core is easily achieved using the convenient horizontal and vertical adjustment knobs. The core slides in a low friction track and is positioned at each measurement point by the operator. A centimeter scale mounted in the bottom of the track allows the operator to quickly view the stratigraphic level of the measurement point with respect to the top of the core section.

Each end of the track has adjustable feet so that it does not require a perfectly level, flat surface for installation. Assembly of the track and mounting of the sensor take less than 5 minutes. Dimensions of the system are 3.66m long x 0.51m wide x 0.36m high (with sensor installed). Shorter and longer tracks are available for users with space constraints or core sections longer than 1.5 meters. An adapter set is available for users wishing to accommodate cores larger than 12cm. in diameter.

An optional digital electronic tape measure is available, including mounting brackets for attachment to the track and connection to the top of the core section. After positioning the top of the core section in the center of the sensor, the operator zeros the tape measure and the display will automatically indicate the precise stratigraphic position of the measurement point as the core is moved through the sensor.

A reusable wood shipping/storage crate is available for the track system. It includes compartments and Velcro tie-downs for all track components and a hinged lid with hasp.