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Manufactured in the Czech Republic by AGICO s.r.o.

LDA5 Leaflet

LDA5 Manual

System Features:
  • Computer Controlled Demagnetization / Magnetization Process
  • Two-axis Tumbling of Specimen
  • Automatic Positioning for Anisotropy of Remanence
  • Controlled direct Field Pulses for Environmental Research
The LDA5 Alternating Field Demagnetizer is used to demagnetize rock or soil specimens using the alternating magnetic field method.
The demagnetization process is computer-controlled and fully automatic.  Mu-metal shielding provides an effective protection of the specimen from the Earth’s magnetic field.  The electrical current for producing the demagnetizing field is generated in such a way that it is free of the higher harmonic components that may produce parastitic magnetization

Main Features of LDA5
  • Automated, computer-controlled demagnetization process
  • Demagnetization optionally coupled with JR-6 software
  • Automatic tuning of alternating field frequency
  • Demagnetization of tumbling or static specimen
  • Maximum alternating field up to 200 mT
  • Four rates of alternating field decrease with time
  • Three different modes of alternating field

LDA5 Specifications

Specimen Shape Cube:  20 x 20 x 20 mm
Cylinder:  25.4 mm dia.,  22 mm height
AF Demagnetizing Field 1 to 200 mT
Power Requirements 120 V / 60 Hz or 230 V / 50 Hz, 400 VA
Dimensions, Mass Specimen Unit:  110 x 39 x 46 cm, 95 kg
Electronic Unit:  47 x 38 x 17 cm, 30 kg

PAM1 Anhysteretic / Pulse Magnetizer

The PAM1 Anhysteretic / Pulse Magnetizer is an optional accessory for the LDA5 AF Demagnetizer.  It serves to produce anhysteretic or isothermal magnetization of a rock or soil specimen.
Controlled acquisition of anhysteretic or isothermal magnetization is essential for several rock magnetic identification techniques used in paleomagnetism, rock and environmental magnetism.
Variable length of direct field pulses enables the viscous component of isothermal magnetization to be quantified, which reflect the amount of magnetic particles on the superparamagnetic/stable single-domain boundary.
Automatic specimen positioning facilitates determination of the anisotropy of magnetic remanence which reflect the preferred orientation of magnetic minerals and has become a well-established technique in structural geology as well as in paleomagnetism and environmental research.

PAM1 Specifications

Anhysteretic MagnetizerDirect Magnetizing Field 0 to 500 uT
Pulse MagnetizerDirect Megentizing Field
Length of Direct Field Pulses
0 to 20 mT
0.01 to 10 sec
Dimensions, Mass 47 x 38 x 13 cm, 20 kg