Core Orienting Fixtures

Core Orienting Fixtures

Orienting Fixture

Pomeroy Orienting Fxture

Model OR-2

This precision orienting fixture is used to measure the azimuth and dip of in-place cores drilled with 1 1/8″ core drill bits (1″ core ID). It features an anodized aluminum tube and orienting platform which is adjustable using a tripod-style clamping handle. A small cylindrical wedge is included, which can be fitted onto the tube (as shown near the bottom of the photo) and used to lock the orienter in place over the in-place core while measurements are being made.

The platform is machined to accommodate a clear plastic sun compass (included) or, with sun compass removed, a Brunton pocket transit for magnetic azimuth measurements. (Orienter will accommodate only the aluminum-case Brunton models.  The plastic/composite Compro Brunton models cannot be used.)

Once the platform is leveled using a Brunton compass, sun and/or magnetic azimuths can be measured, and core dip angle can be measured using the fixture’s vertically mounted protractor.


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ASC Orienting Fixture


This simple, rugged fixture is designed for rapid orientation of in-place 1″ (nominal) cores using a Brunton pocket transit. The copper tube has a slot for marking the top of the in-place core. The brass orienting platform is machined to accept a Brunton compass for making azimuth measurements. Dip measurements are made using the Brunton placed on the portion of the tube extending out from the outcrop.  (Orienter will accommodate only the aluminum-case Brunton models.  The plastic/composit Compro Brunton models cannot be used.)