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The Inland Craft DB-100 band saw is the perfect workbench tool for cutting free-form cabochons, different shapes, organic curves, inside curves, stained glass pieces, mosaics, intarsia, and more. Available with one diamond band saw blade or with all three band saw blades listed on the opposite page. Manufactured with rustproof, lightweight, structural-grade thermoplastic housing, the DB-100 is rigid, portable, and easy to travel with. Variable speed motor for maximum control capable of speeds up to 3,400 RPM for the fastest possible cutting. The gravity-feed coolant system delivers clean water to the blade for wet sawing. Drain tube funnels dirty coolant away from the blade and prevents it from recirculating throughout the saw. 9" x 12" work surface.
This DB-100 comes with two different blade packages.  The standard package includes a diamond band saw blade that is designed to cut material such as glass, stone, tile, ceramic, plastics, shells and live coral.  with THREE band saw blades: a diamond band saw blade, band saw blade for wood and band saw blade for metal. Three different saw blades allow you to cut dozens of different material, both wet and dry. Cutting curves, which is the most difficult task for any saw machine to do, is now within easy reach with the DB-100 band saw.

Important purchasing note

Band saw machines are optimized for cutting shapes and curves, so there is a large amount of "travel" in the band saw blade, which is necessary for cutting these shapes and curves. It is NOT designed to be used for cutting thick slabs of rough rock or glass. If you are looking to cut thick slabs of rocks and glass, we suggest a fixed-blade saw machine of which we offer many different sizes on our rock saw page.

Key Features:

  • Powerful, DC permanent magnet motor with built in speed control, delivering speeds up to 3,400 rpm.
  • Five-part, spring-loaded tension system is molded into the frame and ensures proper wheel alignment, simple blade setup and perfect tracking hour after hour. The spring-loaded tension system acts like a shock absorber to protect and enhance blade life.
  • Pre-assembled coolant system provides a continuous, regulated flow of clean coolant to the band saw blade, keeping your blade properly lubricated while you saw. The installed water control valve allows easy control of the water flow while you work.
  • Integrated internal drain channels and drain tubes collect and funnel excess, dirty coolant away from the blade and prevent it from re-circulating throughout the saw.
  • Upper drip guide is adjustable for varying material thickness.
  • Frame, cover and water reservoir are molded entirely from structural-grade thermoplastic. Interior support walls are extra thick for maximum strength and durability.
  • Large work surface is 9" X 10.75" and corrosion resistant.
  • The molded plastic housing absorbs and deadens sawing and motor sounds for quiet operation. Plastic construction makes it extremely light weight, easy to handle and portable.
  • Suitable for use as a fragging saw to cut stony corals, soft corals and live rock.

What's Included:

  • 37.7" stainless steel diamond band saw blade designed for wet sawing glass, stone, semiprecious gems, tile, ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, silicon, plastics, fiberglass, fiberboard, leather, shells, and live coral (INCLUDED IN BOTH PACKAGES)
  • 37.7" band saw blade for wood designed for dry sawing wood, wood composites, acrylic plastics, leather, polyethylene and polycarbonate plastics (3 BLADE PACKAGE ONLY)
  • 37.7" band saw blade for metal designed for dry sawing thin brass, copper, zinc, aluminum, tin, nonferrous metals, fiberglass, leather, acrylic plastics and circuit boards (3 BLADE PACKAGE ONLY)
  • One BladeSert blade guide to support the blade at the point of sawing and to ensure the blade is tracking straight and true for maximum control and accurate cuts
  • Leather blade wiper to help control the water spray when wet sawing with the diamond band saw blade
  • One-year warranty90-day warranty when used in a salt water environment
  • Instruction manual

Product Details:

  • Machine dimensions: 13" L X 10" W X 18" H
  • Machine weight: 10 lbs
  • Saw housing construction: Structural-grade thermoplastic
  • Motor type: Permanent magnet DC motor with built-in speed controller, delivering speeds up to 3,400 rpm
  • Voltage: 115V or 230V/240V
  • Torque: 48 oz.-in
  • Work surface dimensions: 9" X 10.75"
  • Blade throat depth: 4.75" (12 cm)
  • Maximum cutting material thickness: 3" (7.6 cm) for rocks and minerals, 1" (2.5 cm) for solid glass slabs, 3" (8.9 cm) diameter for glass bottles
  • Cutting speed: Dependent on material type and thickness, up to 12 inches/minute (30.5 cm/minute)\

Machine Expectations:

  • Sound: This band saw sounds like a loud sewing machine. In general, saws and sawing are inherently noisy.
  • Water: This band saw comes with a drain hose, but by design, the unit is not completely sealed. We suggest placing a tray (not included) of your choice underneath the saw. Some users like to have both a tray and a sponge to absorb excess water.
  • Saw housing: This band saw housing is made of composite plastics that will not rust so there is zero maintenance required.